Monday, 19 October 2009

Stare of Bethlehem: by Roy Lindquist

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thousand stars
in the never ending universe
child enjoy

thousand stars
old mans fear

boat of life
need direction
stare of Bethlehem

I am tired of searching all the answerers, the "Old book" still is the leading stare in the universe of all the questions in the world. There is so many "is-ems" like atheism...but all is about beliefs. Those who say: I dont belief there  is any God, they too own there own belief. Atheism is a belief too! If you believe in "nothing", then that's your belief...its a belief, ore your sort of religion...emptiness .

This is an English haiku ( not Japanese)

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Thanks to Mr Isao Shinozaki - translator

My friend Mr Isao Shinozaki, teacher and mentor has helped me with translation to Japanese characters of my Haiku.
I am very grateful for his help which is of great value for me.
Domo Arrigato

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