Sunday, 30 August 2009

Memories of "Kimiko" 2009; Haiku by Roy L

Memories of "Kimiko" 2009:

sunrise born
died in frozen world
distant shore

tears empty
fruit of life long gone
left alone

no grave
can bury sorrow
shadows flowers

once a dream
smashed by life so dear
no stars

I was sad when I learned that a Japanese women died a few days ago in Norway. I knew here, and here sad story. Here name is different from the original in my writing because of the family, but the story is true.
Once a smiling japanese girl, who fell in love with a seaman from the land of the Northsea, far away from here home. Here dream was all broken, and everything went wrong. Son drowned in young age, divorsed and left alone in a winterland with strangers. Here grave will be nexst to here son. I belive there is many such "dreams" that ende like sad....

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Thanks to Mr Isao Shinozaki - translator

My friend Mr Isao Shinozaki, teacher and mentor has helped me with translation to Japanese characters of my Haiku.
I am very grateful for his help which is of great value for me.
Domo Arrigato

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