Friday, 28 August 2009

Odori Haiku by Fujieda Teruo

floating in the air
dancer silently move
Yokobue flute

feet slowly move
air vibrating

dark blue stage
Oshiroi (white powder)
kimono sleeve - touch cherry lips

in silence

In memmories of my student days in the art of Odori and my teacher Matsusoga Fujima in 1967-69.
(photo is just a borrowed icon of Odori History page)

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Thanks to Mr Isao Shinozaki - translator

My friend Mr Isao Shinozaki, teacher and mentor has helped me with translation to Japanese characters of my Haiku.
I am very grateful for his help which is of great value for me.
Domo Arrigato

Fujieda Teruo

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Fujieda Teruo

Fujieda Teruo
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