Friday, 18 September 2009

Ikebana - death; Haiku......

all life
is sacred
tiny flower

death occurs
when the stem of the flower

admiration of death

- - - - - - -

gentle waltz
early autumn leaf's
 distant admiration

Haiku by Roy Lindquist

As I am getting older, I feel all life is sacred, and even cutting flower's make me feel I shorten a life I am not allowed to do.
Its possible this is very controversial to say, but I cant stop thinking of it...
We admire a beautiful flower arrangement like Ikebana, but what do we really admire.....
I like better then Bonzai ( perhaps ) ....

This is unique I think ...a blue
( borrowed photo)

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Thanks to Mr Isao Shinozaki - translator

My friend Mr Isao Shinozaki, teacher and mentor has helped me with translation to Japanese characters of my Haiku.
I am very grateful for his help which is of great value for me.
Domo Arrigato

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